Best Student Paper Competition

The Best Student Paper will be selected from accepted papers whose first authors are full-time students. The students are required to present the paper at the conference.

This is the tenth year of the award, and a list of previous DRR Best Student Paper Awards is available.

Competition Rules:

  1. A paper is eligible if the first author is a full-time student (enrolled in Undergraduate, Masters or Ph.D. program) at the time of submission or has completed a graduate program no more than a year before submitting the paper.
  2. The student must be the first author.
  3. To be considered in the competition, the author and his/her advisor (if any) must confirm eligibility for the Award according to Rules 1-2 by sending an email to drr2016(at) on or before the paper submission deadline.
  4. An award committee will be formed using program committee members who do not have students involved and who do not have any other conflict of interest.
  5. The award committee will select and rank up to three candidate papers from the pool of participating papers based on the review comments of the initial submission and the final full paper.
  6. The winning paper(s) will be decided by the award committee among selected candidates who present their paper at the conference.
  7. The Award will be announced and presented at the conference.
  8. The competition may be canceled if there are fewer than three eligible participating papers.