Accepted Papers

Paper Title Contact
Institution Country
2344555 Training a calligraphy style classifier on a non-representative training set Nagy, George Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute United States
2347365 Human-directed optical music recognition Chen, Liang Indiana University Bloomington United States
2361640 Arrowhead detection in biomedical images Santosh, K.C. US National Library of Medicine United States
2361954 Recognizing predatory chat documents using semi-supervised anomaly detection Ebrahimi, Mohammadreza Concordia University Canada
2362006 Improving a deep convolutional neural network architecture for character recognition Cirstea, Bogdan-Ionut Telecom ParisTech / Institut Mines-Telecom France
2362022 Simple and Fast Geometrical Descriptors for Writer Identification Garz, Angelika University of Fribourg Switzerland
2362243 Integrating Text Recognition for Overlapping Text Detection in Maps Honarvar Nazari, Narges University of Southern California United States
2362293 Information Extraction from Resume Documents in PDF Format Chen, Jiaze Peking University ICST China
2362314 Cuckoos among your data: A quality control method to retrieve mislabeled writer identities from handwriting datasets Atanasiu, Vlad University of Fribourg Switzerland
2362373 Intelligent Pen: A Least Cost Search Approach to Stroke Extraction in Historical Documents Bauer, Kevin Brigham Young Univ. United States
2362387 Automatic transcription of historical newsprint by leveraging the Kaldi speech recognition toolkit Schone, Patrick Family Search United States
2374614 Revisiting Known-Item Retrieval in Degraded Document Collections Soo, Jason Georgetown University United States
2374618 Language identification in document images Adam, S├ębastien LITIS France